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Piyopiyo Waterproof Silicone Vest Bib

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Does your kid hate wearing bib that hanging around his/her neck and trying everything to pull it off? Try this waterproof vest silicone bib!  It combines the benefit of comfy wearing sleeved bib and food-catch pocket in one that is perfectly fit for your kids.


- Secured to the closure with 4 adjustable setting, suitable for different age.

- Soft food grade silicone is easy to wear.

- Front pocket to catch any food dropped or liquid spilled.

- Easy to wipe and clean

- Thin and lightweight makes it perfect for travel.

Material: Silicone

Size: 29.2 x 29.5 x 7 cm


- Do not use hard brushes or abrasive powders for cleaning to avoid scratching.

- Immediately discard and replace with a new one if is cracked, deformed or damaged.

- For storage: please keep in a cool dry place and avoid direct sunlight.

- Please use with parental supervision.

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