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Piyopoyo PPSU Nursing Bottle with Training Grip

  • 2699

- Designed for the baby's grip learning, and comfortable grip.

- Allow baby to grasp naturally and learn to drink easily.


- Excellent Flexibility

- Anti-Colic valve

- Conform to baby's mouth

- Automatic suction tube, drink at any angle

- BPA free


- Bottle: PPSU

- Straw: Silicone

- Cap: PP

- Twist/Handle/Draft disk/Piyopiyo ball: PP

* The Amber colour in our PPSU bottle is not artificially coloured.  It is the original colour for PPSU material.  Does not contain chemically formed ingredients

* It is high temp, resist which is up to 180 degree Celsius

Size: 270 ml/ 9 oz; 4 x 7 x 3 in

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