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Silicone Multi-Purpose Clip

  • 1699


- 100% food grade silicone beads, soft and safe for use

- Glow-in-the-dark design makes it easy for parents and babies to find at night


- Egg: P.P.

- Folder: POM

- Bead: Silicone

- String rope: Elastic Nylon

- Piyopiyo: ABS

Size: 2.2 x 20.5 cm


- The silicone beads are chewable however please do not use it as a teether

- Steam sterilize safe

- Do not use a harsh bristle brush to clean this product to avoid scratching

- Print might fade after repetitive use and cleaning

- Please examine the product thoroughly before and after each use. Immediately discard and replace with a new one if part(s) is cracked, deformed, or damaged

- Do not attempt to lengthen chain to avoid strangulation danger

- For storage: please keep in a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight

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