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PiyoPiyo Stainless Steel Training Chopsticks with Case

  • 1599

- PERFECT HELPER: This training chopsticks is designed to help kids to learn how to use chopsticks and master the technique properly easily and quickly. It will be an ideal gift to your kids to learn the technique of using chopsticks.

- EXTRA EASY AND CONVENIENT TO USE: Each pair is with 3 finger brackets (for the thumb, the index finger, and the middle finger) which allow a user to stabilize the hold of chopsticks. The brackets for the index and middle fingers are adjustable that help user secures the chopsticks most comfortably. The seven skid-proof circles at the end of sticks can prevent slipping of food. A relaxing and happy dining experience is guaranteed!

- HIGH QUALITY AND DURABLE MATERIALS: Made of silicone (finger brackets) and Stainless steel (chopsticks) of premium quality. They are more portable to anywhere with their lightweight. Also are BPA free, non-toxic materials and 100% dishwasher safe.

- For right-handed children only

- Included travel case makes carrying chopsticks on-the-go 

- Cute Piyopiyo design makes eating fun.

Material:  A.B.S., Silicone, and Stainless Steel

Instruction: Place thumb in largest silicone ring, index finger in horizontal silicone ring and middle finger in silicone ring underneath the index finger ring.  Gently squeeze together to grab food.

Size: 7 in

Recommend Ages: 2+

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